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Caring for everything, oral health is just the beginning

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Caring for everything, oral health is just the beginning

In the fast-paced modern society, the existence of centenarians seems to be a witness of an era, a precious trace left by the years. Mr. Zhou, a successful entrepreneur, personally visited this centenarian Mr. Zhang Jiachun with admiration and curiosity.
Mr. Zhang Jiachun lives a simple life, is hale and hearty, and his speech is full of wisdom of life. His life has witnessed the changes of Chinese society and experienced countless storms. Listening to Mr. Zhou, Mr. Zhang Jiachun shared his growth experience, life insights and expectations for the future.

Mr. Zhou was deeply inspired and said, “Talking with Mr. Zhang Jiachun was like opening a window to the past, which made me cherish the present more and strengthen my confidence in the future.” Mr. Zhou also said that he would share Mr. Zhang Jiachun’s story with more people, so that more people could draw wisdom and strength from it.

The visit was not only a spiritual exchange, but also an inheritance between two generations. Mr. Zhou said that he will inherit the spirit of Mr. Zhang Jiachun and contribute to the progress and development of the society.

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