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360-cegiee Roiaing Electic Foothbush

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360-cegiee Roiaing Electic Foothbush

Material:Case ABS
Size:speed:500 RPM /min,600 RPM/min,700 RPM/min
Rated voltage 3.7V
Rated power 1.5W
Waterproof class:IPX7
Charging type:inductive charging

Product Description

1.Strong waterproof performance,patented waterproof technology, and longer service life.
2.Triple lithium rechargeable battery,safe and stable,without any safety hazards. 3.Special design and construction make the transmission more fifting and durable.
4.Stronger cleaning power,easier to clean tartar stains.
5.360 degree rotational brushing is more ergonomic,non vibration,and will not cause sensitive gum bleeding.
6.The brushing force is uniform,without damaging the tooth surface,and the brushing effect is smoother.
7.Brushing teeth also brushes between teeth,with a unique design that provides more comprehensive cleaning.It can solve the problem of not being able to brush the last molars and also the problem of accidentally damaging the gums when brushing the tongue side.
8.Charge for 10 hours and use for 3 weeks
9.Memory button design,which is your most accustomed mode every time you use it.
Package:Electric toothbrush *1 (including brush head *1);
Replace brush head *3 pieces;
Instructions *1 copy

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