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Air-Water Syringe Tip ( Colorful Core)

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Air-Water Syringe Tip ( Colorful Core)



Colorful core




Jiangsu, China (Mainland), Zhenjiang,Jiangsu

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Product Description

Air water syringe tips

Air water syringe tips can totally replace the stainless tips and be used to clear away the acrap or remnants between the teeth parties,safely,conveniently,cleanly.It guards against cross-infection and make sure the fresh air dry with the independent water and tips.Tips can turn freely, conveniently using and matching to any type of dental chair.

Air water syringe tips’ Feature

1. Universally fits all standard A/W syringes (no converter needed)

2.Quick and easy loading and positioning

3.Ergonomic 360-degree rotational freedom for full mouth access

4.Smooth surfaces & thoroughly polished edges for patient comfort

5.Separate air and water channels help minimize air and water crossover

6.Completely disposable – designed to reduce potential for cross-contamination

Our plastic ari-water syringe tip has passed the following tests and prove to be safe and health to human people:

1. Pass in vitro cytotoxicity test

2. Pass skin sensitization test

3. Pass skin sensitization test

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