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Antimicrobial Universal Barrier Film

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Antimicrobial Universal Barrier Film

Professional Antimicrobial Universal Barrier Film Supplier, Free Samples, 1roll/box, 8boxes/ctn Pink,purple,green,orange,yellow,black








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Product Description

Antimicrobial Universal Dental Barrier Film


Universal barrier film can be used as a universal infection barrier for the patient, provided to them at their hospital bed or when they are leaving the hospital. Dental barrier film is easily applied directly on sensitive skin and helps personalize patient protection and safety during procedures. The advantages include easy storage, manufacture time reduction, and increased efficiency by one-step application. Barrier films help prevent the escape of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores from medical devices such as pipettes or IV delivery systems where cross contamination is a potential threat.


1.Wifortech Disposable Manufacturer Universal Dental Plastic Barrier Tape is used to eliminate cross contamination while working with handheld equipment. Covers most surface areas. Provides all-purpose cleanliness by protecting difficult-to-clean areas.

2.This thin sheet of adhesive plastic effectively covers anything you might touch during a procedure. It is disposable, easy to apply and remove, and will not leave a residue.

3.This table top dispenser makes removal of films quick and effortless. Will dispense all adhesive films up to 4″ wide.

4.Antimicrobial for this barrier film


• Bear high tempreture, brilliant ductility and tear strength, won’t break after sealing with other materials, perfectly for high tempreture sterilization such as STEAM.

• Colors could be Green / Blue / Other Colors, as customer requirements.

• Width could be done as requirements.


Apply to 132 °C -136 °C pulse pre-vacuum or vacuum pressure steam sterilizer,the lower pressure steam sterilizer like desktop or cassette, etc.

The raw material of medical sterilization package, such as self sealing pouch, heat sealing pouch& rolls etc.

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