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Dental Braided Cotton Rol

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Dental Braided Cotton Rol

Model: 11-80003A

Product Description

Material: The combination of degreased cotton and adhesive cotton threadType: 8 x 38mm: Weight 0.4g
10 x 38mm: Weight 0.5g12 x 38mm: Weight 0.67gAdvantage: 1.Made from medical degreased cotton, suitable for oralmoisture isolation, cleaning, or hemostasis2.Contains no chemical additives or bleaching agents.3.Higher water absorption rate.
4Better moisture retention
5.The texture of the cotton roll is more robustPackage:8 x 38mm: 50pcs/roll, 15 rolls/bag, 40 bags/box10 x 38mm: 50pcs/roll, 12 rolls/bag, 40 bags/box

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