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Dental Implant Cleaning Brush

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Dental Implant Cleaning Brush

Product Description

Product Name:

Implant Cleaning Brush

Model/Specification Model:NANO01、NANO02 、FLATO1、FLATO2、TWIST01、TWISTO2

Specification:1 Pc/Box、4 Pcs/Box、5 Pcs/Box、10 Pcs/Box

Product descriptionThe product is motor-driven, which is composed of a metal handle and a working tip. Themetal handle is connected with the hand piece, and its working tip is a brush. Non sterile No abrasive polishing material.



It is used for polishing and grinding of restoration, removal of surplus parts, orcleaning of implant. It is also used for removing tartar and polishing the toothsurface. Not including appliances used only in the dental laboratory.


Use Method/Instructions

1) Select the appropriate models according to the requirements.

2) Install the product on a low-speed hand piece with a speed of 600 ~ 1200.

3) This product is one single use. It shall be disinfected before use at 134 C for15 minutes.


Use Precautions

1) it shall not be used by patients who react with or are incompatible with titanium ornickel.

2) It is forbidden to use the product in case of damage and deformation.

3) Carry out trial operation before use to ensure that it is firm and free from shaking

4)This product is only for dental professionals.

Contraindication None


Storage and maintenance methodsin order to prevent external extrusion and deformation, please do not place together withcorrosive substances in storage.

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