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Dental Plaque Indicator(battery type)

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Dental Plaque Indicator(battery type)

Simple, convenient, intuitive and efficient examination of oral health care examination,help to keep oral health.



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Product Description

Product description:

  • To enable patients to check before and after each brushing, to develop correct brushing habits, to effectively maintain the results of treatment, and to benefit together.
  • Visually present the distribution of dental plaque, which is helpful to point out oral problems.
  • Simple operation, saving time for teaching.
  • The lights are self-locking for 3 minutes to avoid excessive exposure.
indicator, hood, data cable
Usage method:

1.  Install the hood on the dental plaque indicator. 2.  After pressing the hood against the mouth, press the power switch. When the inner light is on, observe the red residual plaque area on the teeth through the plaque display screen.

Purpose of use:
Dental plaque indicator display is a household tooth cleaning status display device, which can help to observe dental plaque that is invisible to the naked eye.

Make dental plaque more clear presentation


Name: Dental plaque indicator
Color: white/black/purple/blue
Rated voltage: 4.0V
Rated power: 3.5W
Battery capacity: 800mAh
Input voltage: 4.5- -6.5V

Medical use

To remind the patient that it’s time to brush the teeth of full of plaque!

Dental plaque that is invisible to the eye can be seen directly through the display.

Home use

Brush your teeth every day≠brush your teeth clean

It is convenient and quick to see if there is dental plaque for your families.

●Intuitive presentation of the distribution of dental plaque is helpful to point out patients’ oral problems.

●Simple operation, saving time and simplifying the process .

●It is convenient for patients to check each time after brushing their teeth, and to develop correct brushing habits.

●Stomatology. Dentistry mainly treats teeth and periodontal related diseases.

●Dental plaque display instrument can simply, intuitively and clearly show the distribution of dental plaque to the patient. Through visual sensory stimulation, it can deepen the patient’s understanding of their own oral hygiene and increase their attention.

●The complex process that replaces the traditional plaque display agent effectively saves the time and is an indispensable tool for your .

●Oral hygiene problems directly affect the treatment process and results, and improving the patient’s tooth brushing habits is the key to patients’ home maintenance.

●Dental plaque indicator helps treatment and maintenance, benefiting both doctors and patients.


  1.   Do not use the LED light of the dental plaque indicator to irradiate other body parts other than the mouth for a long time. It is especially necessary to remind that if the eyes are directly irradiated, it will cause the risk of poor vision.
  2.   If water enters the product, it will cause a malfunction.
  3.   Please keep the hood clean and hygienic, pay attention to problems such as residue or mold, you can wipe it with alcohol cotton for disinfection.

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