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Disposable Suction Tip Saliva Ejector Soft Tip

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Disposable Suction Tip Saliva Ejector Soft Tip

Case size: 30x17x22.5cm
N/G.W: 4.3/4.5KG
Package: 100pcs/bag,10bags/ctn

Product Description

Material: Tube material: PVC.
Optional wire : copper plated wire/stainless iron wire.
Optional flavor addition: 0.5%, dosage (mint/mixed fruit/strawberry/vanilla)
Size:diameter: 6.5mm±0.05mm, length 148mm±2mm
Features:1. The saliva ejector uses medical grade safe and harmless plastic, and uses environmentally
friendly plasticizers that are harmless to the human body.
2. The tip cannot be removed.
3. Disposable use.
4. The bending is well formed and does not rebound.
5. Special flavors can be added to provide patients with a better viewing experience.
6. Specially designed soft tip, which ensures more comfortable contact with oral mucosa without
affecting normal use, reduces foreign body sensation, and not easy to harm patients.

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