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Mini Portable Oral Irrigator

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Mini Portable Oral Irrigator

Working mode: High frequency
Product net weight: 230g
Battery capacity: 200mA
Charging time: 6H
Battery life: 90 days
Tank capacity: 220ml
Modes: 3 (Soft mode, Standard mode, Enhanced mode)
Product color: White/pink/purple/light green

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Product Description

Charge only 6 hours,standby time up to 90 days.
IPX7 adopts waterproof design,the body is always dry, and the water tank can be disassembled
and cleaned.
1400 times/min high frequency pulse can reach 140PSI water pressure.
With 4 kinds of professional nozzles:
1. Standard nozzle 2. Orthodontic nozzle
3. Periodontal pocket nozzle 4. Tongue coating cleaning nozzle

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