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Push-pull ype Interdental Brush

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Push-pull ype Interdental Brush

Case size: 39×32.5×18.5cm
N/G.W: 6.5kg/7.5kg
Package: 60pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn

Product Description

Material:Handle-PS+PP,Brush head-Stainless steel core + Dupont brush
Size: Length 54.5mm, width 7.6mm
Color: Orange yellow green blue pink
Features: 1. Different color models can be selected according to demand.
2. It can penetrate into the crevices of the teeth and clean up tartar.
3. The interdental brush can effectively clean the parts that cannot be cleaned between the teeth, the back molar teeth, the occlusal
surface, etc.
4. The retractable design protects the brush head after cleaning.

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