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Saliva Ejector

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Saliva Ejector

Saliva Ejector
Tips Color Customized, Tube Color Customized
Bag Package With 100pcs or You Can Customize Your Own Package







Product Description

Good news!  Now we develop new type! Stainless steel wire instead of copper wire in case for getting rusty!!!(Copper wire is also available.)

Also we can add different tastes like mint flavor into saliva ejector for a better feel of your customers!!!

Our Saliva Ejectors are soft and pliable to uniquely contour each patient’s mouth and hold shape. The tips are soft and bonded to the tube for maximum patient safety. These ejectors provide optimal suction without aspirating tissue and ensure nonclogging operation.

  • smooth,soft edges provides for patient safety and comfort. 
  • clear with blue tip,multicolored tips available. 
  • holds shape when bent, non removalble tip.
  • 150*6.5mm standard size.


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