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Sterilization Dental Paper Tray Cover

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Sterilization Dental Paper Tray Cover

Material: 70gsm Full wood pulp color double offset paper.
Size: 21x31cm、14x20cm.
Color: yellow,pink,whitegreen,blue,purple.

Product Description

Function and advantages:
1.It is used for the isolation between the instrument and the tray, so that the tray is less contaminated by stains and blood stains as much as possible.
2.The arc design of the corners makes it more suitable for the pallet
3.A variety of colors are available.
4.Place the tray paper on the tray that has been sterilized.
5.Place the instruments in the middle of the tray as much as possible after use to prevent stains from penetrating along the edge of the tray.
6.One-time use, throw away when used up.
7.Store in a dark, room temperature, ventilated, dry and sealed manner.

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