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Removable Saliva Ejector Development

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Removable Saliva Ejector Development

We researched weak suction tubes on the market and found that many dental teachers struggle with the question of how to make one type of suction tube universal for all dental chair suction systems. Dental chair saliva suction system has a weak suction system and strong suction system, strong suction system requires a larger flow rate, weak suction system wants a gentle flow rate, the demand is completely opposite. For this problem, our R & D team pondered hard, until one day, our development department leader Mr. Qin put forward an idea, the weak suction tube hat head made removable, hat head off, and then with a suction tube with a conversion connector, you can make the weak suction tube to do the strong suction tube demand for large flow. And do not take off the cap head, he is the most common weak straw. Then the difficulty comes, how to make sure that the straw hat head can be taken off when it needs to be taken off, and how to use it when it does not need it to be taken off, it will not fall off. In order to solve this problem, we went deep into the mold workshop, discussing how to do the snap and how to do the design. Finally, under our unremitting efforts, we made the inverted eight-character inner buckle removable weak straw hat head. Just when we thought all was well, there was a problem with the straw itself. This is because the straws have a wire that assists in setting the shape in order to set the shape. This wire, when the straw is bent, emerges from one end. This wire, if not handled properly, can scratch the customer’s mouth. In order to solve this problem, we researched more straws until we found a process – the secondary adhesive process, which can well solve the problem of protruding metal wire. At this point, the process problems are finally all solved, removable weak straws have also completed the development.

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